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Nitrazolam Cas 28910-99-8 Opiorphin Olinvyk Deschloroetizolamhigh-end Professional

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موقعك: Asyūţ
السعر: 70 £ قابل للتفاوض

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3. Privacy packaging (paraffin coating; Double aluminum foil bag; Vacuum packing)


4. Fast delivery (4-12 days home delivery)


5. Product quality (no impurities, high purity)


6. Security customs (We have a professional customs clearance company)


7. New international shipping routes (to all parts of the world)


8. Stable supply (We have several raw material factories and processing centers, which can provide dozens to hundreds of kilograms of products every day)


9. Low price (factory price)


10. Membership benefits (Members can offer various discounts and benefits)


Our factory has a wide variety of products and raw materials semi-finished products

Support customization


If you once been cheated, waiting a so long time for restock, or received the bad quality products or failure to receive the packages

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Main Countries.

USA, UK, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand ......

Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines... Multiple countries

North America: USA, Canada, Mexico... Multiple countries

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia... Multiple countries

All Europe: Russia, Poland, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy... More than one country


Worldwide shipping, customs clearance throughout the world, and we will provide a replenishment service from the time of your purchase


Product List 


IDesigning drugs (high quality custom versions)


1. 2-fluoro Deschloroketamine (hydrochloride) Cas 11982-49-1 (NEW 2FDCK 2022)


2. Nitrazolam Cas 28910-99-8 (New Xann)  


3. Adinazolam  cas 37115-32-5(New Xann)


4. New Opioids legal ( Opioid rotation / Opiorphin / Olinvyk )


5. BK 2022 (White / Yellow / Brown )




II) Latest Alternatives


1. Butylone Bu(bk-MBDB) / Eu crystal  Cas 17762-90-2-Stimulants


2. Eutylone  Depu Dpeu s709-Stimulants


3. 6cladb -Synthetic 


4. 6FMDB2201-Synthetic 


5. ADGT-Synthetic


6. 6bradb-Synthetic 


7. 6clbca-Synthetic 


8. ADB-Synthetic 


9. AD21-Synthetic 


10 adb18-Synthetic 


11. k2-Synthetic


12. New JWH-Synthetic


13. Bromoketamine Cas120807-70-7 -Analgesia


14. Bromzolam Cas 71368-80-4 -Analgesia


15. Metonitazene CAS14680-51-4


16. 9-Hydroxy etizolam CAS:52170-72-6 -Analgesia


17. 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-nitrocyclohexanone cas 2079878-75-2 -Analgesia


18. Isotonitazene cas14188-81-9 -synthetic opiod